Important Nutrition to Maintain Toddler's Immunity

Infants, toddlers, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, and the elderly are the age groups that need essential nutrients to increase their physic endurance. Especially for toddlers, you can maintain immunity by eating nutritious foods.

Important Nutrition to Maintain Toddler's Immunity

Important Nutrition to Maintain Toddler's Immunity
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What are the nutrients that must be fulfilled so that the immune system is strong? Here are some of them!


Iron has an important role in forming hemoglobin protein that closes wounds and is contained in red blood cells. Besides, hemoglobin also functions to distribute oxygen from the lungs to other body tissues.

By having enough iron, your toddler's immune system becomes more robust. You can find iron in meat, beans, and dark green vegetables.


The human body cannot produce zinc naturally. Even though zinc functions very significantly in the formation of hormones and enzymes that can increase the body's immunity.

Therefore, you need to meet toddlers' needs by providing meat, bread, and dairy products.


Fat is a good store of energy reserves in our body. A toddler's brain consists mostly of fat. For toddlers under two years old, the best fat is contained in breast milk


Protein functions to repair damaged cells in the body, especially when an infection attacks. By having enough protein, the body of a sick toddler will recover quickly.

Milk, meat, nuts, and processed products are rich in protein.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for growth and protection against various diseases. The primary source of vitamin S is sunlight in the morning. besides, you can find vitamin D in fish oil and eggs

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps the absorption of protein and iron in the body. Besides, this vitamin contains antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals, fungal, bacterial, and viral infections.


Probiotics are dairy foods that contain good bacteria. Probiotics are generally used to treat digestive problems in infants.

Those are some essential nutrients to consider so that toddlers are healthier in the golden growth and development.

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