The Effect of Acupuncture Therapy on Breast Milk

Therapeutic acupuncture is beneficial for pain therapy and has now progressed to various therapies, including smooth breastfeeding. WHO has recognized this since 1997

Mechanism of Action of Breast Milk

The Effect of Acupuncture Therapy on Breast Milk
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Breast milk production results from the collaboration between the role of hormones for breast milk and stimulation that occurs around the nipple. There is a change in the hormone that will prepare the glandular tissue (alveoli) to produce milk during pregnancy.

When a baby starts to suck breast milk, there will be two reflexes, namely the reflexes against prolactin (milk production reflex) and the reflexes against oxytocin (reflexes releasing milk), causing milk to come out when smoked and in the right amount.

Mechanism of Acupuncture

The importance of stimulation in acupuncture therapy is to provide stimulation/energy to specific organs, increase energy, or the ability of these organs to carry out their functions. Stimulation of acupuncture points in the skin to a particular location towards the target organ will increase its function in improving milk production.

The Role of Acupuncture for Breast Milk

Acupuncture can handle:

A. Declining milk supply

B. Excessive milk production but breast milk does not come out that causes pain in the breast of the mother (Mastitis)

Acupuncture therapy for breast milk is done eight times, consisting of:

  • The first week three times
  • The second week two times
  • The third week one time
  • The fourth week to the eighth week once a month

This therapy is painless because it only inserts the needle's tip under the skin with a special needle inserting technique.

The results of this breastfeeding therapy have been proven to stimulate breast milk's adequacy for babies both in quantity & quality of breast milk. They can overcome problems in other nursing mothers, such as breast swelling to inflammation of the breast (mastitis). Other effects of breastfeeding therapy are increased maternal stamina, and mothers get better sleep quality.

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