The Right Way to Take Care of Eye Health

The eye is one of the vital organs in the centre of our interaction with the world. With our eyes, we can enjoy the beauty of the world, so when our eyes have problems, of course, it becomes uncomfortable. Even just red eyes can disturb your concentration, right?

The Right Way to Take Care of Eye Health
image by Mark Arron Smith dari Pexels

Here are 10 of the most appropriate ways to care for eye health, so that the eyes remain clear and healthy:

  1. Have your eyes checked once a year so that when there is a problem with your eye, it will not make it worse. The doctor can immediately analyze the health of your eyes and find solutions if there are problems.

  2. If you have eye problems, you should buy glasses that can block 98% of UV radiation. However, healthy eyes can actually prevent this radiation.

  3. Provide good nutrition for your eyes with nutritious foods, and high vitamin A content, such as carrots. You can consume carrots raw or processed into fresh carrot juice.

  4. Get used to reading insufficient light, not in crumbly light, mostly dark because it will make your eyes tired. The brighter the light conditions, the more comfortable it is for your eyes.

  5. Do not overwork your eyes. Typing on the computer screen makes your eyes tired. So, take a break to rest your eyes by looking at the green of the trees in between your busy typing.

  6. If you use contact lenses, choose the best and make your eyes healthy. Consult a doctor before you use it.

  7. Clean your eye lenses regularly so as not to damage the eyes.

  8. If your work must always be in contact in front of a computer screen, use a computer filter so that your eyes are not exposed to radiation.

  9. You are advised to replace your glasses once a year. Every time you visit the doctor, consult about your eyes and the glasses you should use.

  10. Get enough sleep so that your eyes are not distorted. Too often staying up late makes you tired.

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