Allergies in babies when consuming breast milk

 Allergies in babies when consuming breast milk, the health of the baby's body is something that must be known by the parents. These various kinds of things must be known, whether it is about the baby's body health, or anything related to the baby's food intake.

Allergies in babies when consuming breast milk
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Through this article, I will explain one of the problems that most parents do not understand, namely the problem of allergies. Okay, just go ahead, to make sure the baby has an allergic disease or not, you can do an allergy test. Allergies to cow's milk can also be experienced by babies who consume breast milk . This may happen because the supply of breast milk is influenced by the foods consumed by the mother. Suppose family history has a talent for allergies. In that case, this problem can be passed on to children, even in babies who drink breast milk.

"Usually, foods that trigger allergies that are consumed by nursing mothers can cause allergies in babies. Rashes on the skin if milk sticks to the skin. Usually a rash reaction often appears on the baby's cheeks, "said Dr Zakiudin Munasir, Sp. A (K), Chairperson of the Immunology Allergy Division, Child Health Science Section FKUI / RSCM in Jakarta.

Actually, to make sure the baby has an allergic disease or an allergy skin prick test or the Radio Allergo Sorbent Test (RAST) can be done. Still, this method is effective for children who are over 3 years old. Because, said Dr Zaki, the sensitivity of his skin is working well. "It would be more effective for babies with a blood test to determine the level of immunoglobulin E (IgE). IgE antibodies can cause the release of histamine, a substance that causes various allergic reactions in the body, "he said.

Not only that but breastfeeding mothers can also prevent allergic reactions in babies by abstaining from allergic food for 2-4 weeks. "Foods that must be challenged include cow's milk, eggs, peanuts and seafood," he said. If during the test of allergy-triggering food abstinence, your little one no longer experiences rashes or other allergic reactions, then you can be sure, the culprit for allergies is these 4 foods.

For breastfeeding mothers who are on this diet, it is better to take calcium supplements as a substitute for the nutrients in cow's milk.

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