Fall Concerns For A Child

There is no need to rush to the doctor every time a child falls down but when children tumble on their heads, it is better to be on the safe side, a German doctor advises.

Small children tend to stumble and fall on their heads more often since the head is proportionally much larger than the rest of the body, said Matthias Albrecht, a child pediatrician who works with a Dortmund-based accident prevention group.

But according to the child surgeon, “if a child cries out, that usually means nothing serious has happened”.

If the child is silent after a fall or even becomes unconscious, please call for an ambulance or doctor immediately. The same applies if the child starts to vomit since these symptoms could point to cerebral concussion, said Albrecht.

It is perfectly normal for children to fall down, especially when they are taking their first steps but danger arises when a baby or child slips from a high nappy-changing table.

Without prior warning, children are always learning something new. This can mean that a baby, which up until now has always be laying on its back, can suddenly flip over and tumble off the nappy-changing table.

When changing a baby’s nappy, the parent should always hold the child. Experts say a good nappy-changing table should be 85cm to 92cm tall, 55cm long and 70cm wide, and best placed in a corner where the walls provide additional protection. 

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