Miscarriage During Pregnancy

Miscarriage is defined as spontaneous or accidental interruption of pregnancy. Miscarriage, what happens when the fetus and the placenta separated from the uterine wall. This may be caused by hormonal problems, chromosomal abnormalities, problems with cervical or uterine cancer, immune system problems at the start of work, or in circumstances such as age or illness. Usually it is due to fetal abnormalities, when present in the first trimester of pregnancy. Chronic diseases, including diabetes and hypertension are also causes of miscarriage, and it is important to prenatal care because the screens for these diseases are made.

Miscarriage During Pregnancy

When this takes place in the second trimester of pregnancy, generally attributed to the failure of the mother. Some warning signs of miscarriage are bleeding, cramps, loss of pregnancy symptoms. If any of these it would be better to make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. Symptoms, when they already have a miscarriage cramps that make you lose your breath, then heavy bleeding.

Emotional pain that she goes after a miscarriage is often large and it is important to surround yourself with people who can provide emotional support and spiritual. Take the time to learn and take care of their health. The human body is a very complicated system, and sometimes things like this happen when the body is not ready or able to support the development of the child. Seek counseling and therapy, if you feel that slipping into a severe depression or long periods of sadness.

Grieve for your loss, but we realize that life should be continued and that we must find the strength to go forward and go beyond. Do not rush trying to get pregnant right away. Instead, take your time and give your body time to rest. It is recommended that couples start trying for a baby after a cycle has passed. Use this time to relax and try to cope with loss and grief healthy. All hope is not lost and you’re just going through a difficult period. Remember that it will pass

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