Signs and symptoms of Pregnancy

By being pregnant, a woman experiences something new, that hasn’t happened before in her life. One is sure to get a long list of do’s and don’ts that one should follow during pregnancy, but most often these are covered with a blanket of myths. Some might be so ridiculous that you will feel silly with the restraining process. However, there are a list of things that one must do, and be strict some things that one must not. Little sacrifices with these things can help keep your child healthy throughout its lifetime.

Signs and symptoms of Pregnancy

Expectant mothers must take regular vitamins and iron during the pregnancy. One must make sure that the pre-natal check-ups are taken as per date. If any of the meetings is missed, fix one up at the earliest dates. When in a vehicle, try to use the seatbelts as far as possible. One must eat healthy foods, with a lot of fruits and vegetables. Low fat milk and yogurt can be consumed to keep up the calcium content of the body.  During pregnancy, one must make sure of drinking sufficient amount of fluid, especially water. Fruit juices have to be limited, if they contain excess amounts of sugar.  One must include good regular physical activities, and swimming to keep you fit.

One must say a big no to raw uncooked meat or eggs as these can be a carrier for harmful pathogens that can spread to the baby too. One must limit the consumption of caffeine containing beverages like coffee, tea or colas during a pregnancy. It is good to do a little exercise, but trying out strange exercises is prohibited. One must consult one’s doctor before trying anything new. During pregnancy, if one gets a cold or a cough, one must make sure that it is prevented at the earliest. A cold can cause serious damage to the child in the 5 months stage.

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