What Parents Need To Do To Avoid Teenage Pregnancy

Parents in today’s world run away from responsibility, which is the highest thing in life, and seek only the shadow. Parents put our careers first instead of taking time for everything to make sure that our young people get all the protection and guidance they need from us at an early stage.

What Parents Need To Do To Avoid Teenage Pregnancy

What does she mean? I mean that as a parent, you have to do a lot of things about myself a teenager (the sons and daughters), it must be his best friend, most especially girls. In the sense that these questions in mind will not be thrown out, who can and will certainly be the trick. Get use it so that it will trust you and ask if she is there with friends.

How can I be a friend to my teenage son or daughter? It may seem difficult, but it is easy and pays a lot. Above all, closer to the teenage daughter, giving her the answers to all questions, when asked if she as a teenager is difficult to ask, is life away from her, asking yourself a few questions.

As a parent you need to talk about se*x with a teenager, is not afraid to tell them what it is about se*x and how good or bad is the se*x.

How do I start it? It’s simple, you as a parent can start by talking generally about se*x and relationships, naming all the organs and their functions. Notes teenager to go through the lessons and find out what he / she is taught, even if you do not have anything to contribute, as a parent to use the initiative and say something

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