3 Rules For Losing Thigh Fat Fast

Thin thighs hold mass appeal for both men and women. Thin, shapely thighs command attention from even the most judgmental of persons. Quite simply, if your legs look good a lot of doors could open up for you in many areas of life.

But this article isn’t about opening doors. It is about how to lose thigh fat.

If you’re currently overweight getting dynamite thighs might not be a walk in the park (pardon the pun). And if you’re reading this article you may have already failed in your quest for maximum weight loss once or twice in the past.

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Nothing wrong with that, shaping up your thighs can be tough work. What better than a person who knows it’s not easy?

Better for you to have a good understanding about how serious you must treat the task of losing thigh fat before you attempt to do so.

I’ve outlined 3 rules for losing thigh fat below to help you further. 

Thigh Fat

Rule #1 – If you’ve got the desire, then you have the power

There are 2 phases of weight loss, #1. Getting started and #2. Creating momentum.

Many people start, but most never get the momentum they need to sustain short-term or long-term results.

If you identify why you want, first, then you can hold that picture in your mind. Clarity is a key component if you want to succeed in fitness. If you start with a vague picture of what you want, then you can rest assured that fuzziness will be your undoing.

A lack of clarity will trickle down to a lack of focus, and a lack of attention and finally a person gives up without achieving his or her goal.

Use pen and paper and write down exactly what you expect of yourself and exactly how you’re going to achieve it.

Rule #2 – Be ready to work

If you want quick results you must be available to do some gym time, or at the very least spend some time working out at home.

Have a workout plan of some kind. If that means purchasing a program or paying for a personal trainer – do it. It’s well worth the money. You’re worth the money!

If you’re new to exercise start slow, don’t demand the world from yourself right out of the gate. You want to get a feel for the exercise process, find out what you’re good at and what you’re not.

Remember the Law Of Adaptation when beginning your workouts. This Universal Law says that without stimulating your body with fitness, your body has no reason to adapt and develop lean muscle tissue.

Your body will not change without a stimulus for change. Fitness is that stimulus, it creates a reason for your body to change. Once your body is stimulated change occurs automatically.

Rule #3 – You are what you eat

The old adage is true! Without good eating habits losing thigh fat will be very tough to do.

Now, I’m not saying you have to be perfect – you don’t. But... (BIG but!) you must scale down the extra sugar and saturated fats.

What will your friends say about your new body? I’ll bet they’ll be SO jealous!

You don’t have to do this overnight. It can be done over time. But it must be done.

I like to cut desserts from my diet first and then any bread. That usually is enough to begin seeing fairly consistent results as long as you’re working your body with a regular fitness routine.


To lose thigh fat fast you need 3 things: Desire, Good workout habits, Good diet habits.

You will not be perfect in the beginning and shouldn’t expect to be. In fact, you might be horrible. But you must continuously push yourself to develop these traits, and become better. 

Without a desire to always be better you’ll be left floating in an ocean of weight loss disappointment. But if you hang tough and always push outward, you can and will obtain thinner, more shapely thighs faster than you think. Life is relentless. You need to be relentless as well. 

Can you follow the 3 rules for losing thigh fat?

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