5 Fast Weight Loss Tips For Summer

Summer is fast approaching and the urgency to look your best has arrived. You wished you’d tended to your swimsuit body earlier, but you were busy. Things got in the way: Work, family, parties, cold weather… whatever it was you put off getting into your best shape until the last possible minute.

But it brought you to my website to read this article – so I’m thankful you’re here.

You need a few tips for reducing the flabby areas of your body and turning them into tight, toned, head-turning areas before the weather gets too warm. I’ve got you covered.

Before we begin I want to share a secret about losing weight effectively. It’s less about how much exercise or dieting you may have to do, and more about how you view the task at hand.

Slash unsightly body fat with these 11 “sneaky” tricks

If you approach weight loss as a process that you can steadily work your way into, you’ll be in good shape. However, if you view it as a chore and something you absolutely abhor, you may find it difficult to stick to any long term plan – even if you know its a good thing.

So with that in mind let’s get into 5 fast weight loss tips, guaranteed to get you results.

5 Fast Weight Loss Tips For Summer

Tip #1: Begin today doing whatever you can – right now – and build from there

No sense in getting down on yourself if you have a reflection that isn’t what you wanted. The best way to start is to begin immediately, today not tomorrow.

Studies prove the longer you wait to begin a fitness goal the higher the likelihood of you never getting started at all. Don’t be a victim of circumstances, be a creator of them.

Tip #2: Break down your meals into smaller portions and add another snack to your schedule

When you eat too much you bog down your system because the digestion process requires a lot of oxygen. This is often why people get tired right after lunch.

When you eat less, but more frequent meals you increase your metabolism and allow your body to efficiently process the food as energy. The extra meal increases your calorie burn rate, keeps your body steadily burning calories throughout the day.

The result: you feel as if you have more energy to apply to your ther weight loss efforts.

Tip #3: Water is a big time diet tool (Maybe the biggest!)

Fat loss is a dehydration process, the body needs water to mobilize the fat into energy. The suggested daily water intake is 8-10 glasses. I would go further than that and tell you to drink 2 full cups upon waking. This way, you’ll replace the water lost while you slept.

Take it a step further – drink a full glass before each meal to feel fuller before you eat. Your food intake will decrease by doing this. Less calories, less weight, faster weight loss.

See, I told you water was important.

Tip #4: Put money on your success

No, don’t go to Vegas and gamble – invest in a slimmer body by spending some money on a personal trainer. Accountability is king, there is nothing better than having someone expect you to show up for a workout.

Especially when there’s money involved.

A personal trainer will outline a workout program and guide you through each exercise, so you begin your weight loss journey on the right foot. You’ll have a track to run on and no excuses to miss a workout and not achieve the summer body you want. After 4-6 weeks you’ll be ready to do everything on your own.

What will your friends say about your new body? I’ll bet they’ll be SO jealous!

This is as close to perfect a start as you can get.

Tip #5: Don’t compare yourself to others

Let’s get this straight right now – you are not a contestant on The Biggest Loser. You also aren’t getting paid to be a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig. Those people are money motivated, and good or bad – money does motivate people to do things they would not normally be able to accomplish.

Especially if those people are being baby sat by people invested in their success.

Also, people have different metabolisms; some people may be able to eat a Krispy Kreme doughnut for lunch and not gain weight (I hate those people, btw!) while you can’t “think” about a cookie without putting on 3 lbs overnight.

The weight loss process is a personal journey that nobody can take for you. It’s never easy and always presents a challenge. But I would argue it’s the challenge that helps us grow as a person, so we can reach new levels of success. Without challenges life would be too easy, everyday would be boring.

What will you be doing to get ready for swimsuit season?

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