Experiencing Physical Symptoms of Depression

We do not know when trouble comes. Sometimes the problem is so pressing and feels very heavy for us.  Families problem, households, jobs, and more. These problems are often burdensome us and make us depressed. Although depression is a psychological disease, but also show physical symptoms of depression are:


Probably most of us already know, because headache is a symptom that is no stranger to problems experienced by people when afflicted. A person suffering from depression often experience headaches or migrants are very bad.


Similarly, headaches, depression also makes commensal severe backache.

Muscle pain

Stiff  and sore muscles when you are also a symptom of depression. If you feel stiff or sore muscles too much, chances are you’re experiencing depression.

Stomach Problems

Nausea, diarrhea or chronic constipation is one of the features that experienced stomach problems due to depression.


Many people who experience depression complained of difficulty sleeping.


Changes in appetite is often caused by depression as well.

Despite these problems often burden us, face it bravely and strong because we’ll learn from those problems and make us stronger. So stay positive thinking.

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