Boiling an egg - one of the simplest dishes you could ever cook

 Are you one of those who don’t like to toil out in the kitchen? Are you one of those that don’t fascinate cooking as much? Are you one of those who don’t have the time to cook their favourite dishes early in the morning? Are you one of those who would want a healthy and nutritious breakfast? Well then eggs could be the best option for you! They are a complete package of nutrients containing proteins, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, cholesterol; all in the right amounts and could be just the perfect breakfast you are looking out for!

The importance of eggs cannot be denied. Eggs are one of the most consumed food products all across the world. They are consumed in many forms, a lot of variety of dishes can be experimented with eggs. You could make an omelette or a boiled egg or scramble eggs or even make a toast. Eggs are always a favourite with all age groups. Some consider their breakfast incomplete without eggs!

one of the simplest dishes you could ever cook

Boiling an egg is really easy and one of the simplest dishes you could ever cook! Its as easy as just immersing the egg into water and heating it for a while and then breaking the shell. The dish is ready to be eaten! The process seems simple but you need to be careful that you don’t break the entire egg while slitting the shell apart. It is a task and needs to be done carefully.

Eggs can either be soft boiled or hardboiled or even moderately boiled. It all depends upon the person consuming them. Depending on how you want the egg to be, you need to boil it for different time periods. A soft boiled egg requires minimum time to cook. Its ready in about 4-5 minutes. If you boil it a little bit longer it will no longer remain a soft boiled egg but will become a moderately boiled egg. If you continue to boil the egg for about 10 minutes, it will become a hardboiled egg. After this you need to carefully shell it out and then the contents are ready to be eaten.

How long to boil eggs?

If you find the boiled egg to be very plain, you can add some basic spices like salt and pepper and also some sauces as per your taste. You could possibly add any ingredients of your choice and make your dish attractive. Did you know that ostrich eggs are a delicacy in Australia? Well even ostrich’s eggs can be boiled! They are 30 times the size of a normal chicken’s egg. So they require a large amount of time to boil. It could take around an hour to soft boil them and about an hour and a half to hard boil them!

Eggs are thus so convenient and easy to cook. The importance of eggs is highlighted in the festival of Easter where eggs could be called the protagonists! Eggs are decorated in different colours and patterns and are camouflaged with similar looking things. The children are then asked to identify the eggs from the lot!

Eggs can thus be considered a very popular commodity that is not only easy to cook but also high on the nutrition end and really tasty!

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