How long to cook a completely hard boiled egg?

Eggs don’t need an introduction! Everyone possible knows what an egg is. It comes from an animal source and is necessarily a means of reproduction for a few species. Eggs are a favorite among all age groups. High on the nutrition end and also ranking high on the taste buds range; hence form a perfect meal. Eggs come from different animal sources. Different animal eggs are consumed as delicacies in different parts of the world as per their availability. The ostrich egg is a delicacy in Australia while caviar is a French delicacy.

Eggs are the most easiest to cook simply for the reason that they don’t require too much of a preparatory time. Eggs are the main source of proteins and are included as an essential element of the diet. The egg white and egg yolk have their own properties and are both essential in the right amounts. You could cook an egg in different ways. You could make an omelet out of the egg or scramble it, or couple it with some bread or make a curry out of it or simply boil it!

How long to cook a completely hard boiled egg?

Boiling an egg simply requires no effort. You need to put the eggs in the right amount of water, turn your gas burner on and then allow the eggs to cook. Depending on how you want your egg to be, you can cook it for that long. Let’s look at how you can boil an egg:

You can boil an egg using two methods. First you can subject water to a rolling boil and then put eggs into it or boil the eggs and water both together.

To make a soft boiled egg boil it for about 4-5 minutes. If you want an egg that is somewhere between soft and hardboiled egg, then cook it for about 7 minutes. If you want a completely hard boiled egg, cook it for about 10 minutes.

Make sure not to overcook the egg. After the time period is over, you remove the eggs from water and immerse them under tap water. It is then a careful task to slip the shell of the egg.

After you do this without breaking, your hardboiled egg is ready to be consumed. You could add some pepper or salt so that it will taste even better!

Eggs are thus easy to cook and are also easy to digest. They are the main sources of proteins and are an important part of the diet. Different eggs are cooked in different parts of the world. ostrich’s eggs can be found in Australia. A normal chicken’s egg would look like a small plum in front of a huge beach ball! So you can imagine how huge the ostrich egg would be! It takes a great deal of time to boil an ostrich egg. About an hour if you want to soft boil it and about one and a half hours if you want to hard boil it!

Eggs could be just the perfect option for you a lazy day when you are really in no mood to cook anything really great!

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