Eggs - an essential part of our diet

Eggs are the mode of reproduction of a few animals. These animals lay eggs in bulk. These eggs then mature and hatch into young ones. But many of the eggs don’t get a chance to mature as they are taken into consumption by humans. Eggs are one of the most well recognised and popular foods of the world. They can be awarded the staple breakfast item award! Eggs are usually consumed in different forms; the most common being boiled eggs and omelettes.

Eggs- an essential part of our diet

An egg contains the egg shell which encloses its contents. Inside the egg is the developing embryo which is divided as the yolk and the egg white. The egg shell provides nutrients to the growing embryo and nourishes it to mature and hatch as a young one. But many eggs, before they reach maturity are thrown in for consumption. Poultry business is booming with ever increasing demand for eggs. Chicken are reared under proper conditions. These chickens lay thousands of eggs daily. As a result their demand is increasing day by day.

Eggs are a boon for all those who hate to spend long hours in the kitchen! Egg dishes require minimum effort and very little time. They also do not need much of a preparation time. Break the egg and toss it on to a frying pan, add some vegetables and a little oil and fry it for a while, and you have an omelette ready! You could even scramble the eggs, scrambled eggs are a favourite among kids. You could even couple the eggs with bread and enjoy a French toast.

Among the easiest options is a boiled egg. There are two ways in which you can boil eggs . Let us have a look at how to cook boiled eggs:

The first method involves heating the water and eggs separately. That means; first you boil the water till it reaches a rolling boil and then add the eggs to it.

The second method involves boiling the eggs and water together in the vessel. Any method you follow will give you the same results!

There are different levels of boiled eggs. The first is the soft boiled egg, and then comes the moderately boiled egg and then the hard boiled egg. It totally depends upon the preferences of the person.

Each level, requires a specific amount of time to cook. You could cook a soft boiled egg in about 4-5 minutes, you boil the egg for 3 minutes more and the egg will reach a moderately boiled stage and if you boil the egg for further 3 minutes, you will end up with a hardboiled egg.

After this you have to remove the eggs from water and take out the shell carefully. This is the trickiest part and you have to be careful not to break the egg.

After you have removed the shell, you could add some salt and pepper to it and your boiled egg is ready to be devoured!

Boiled eggs are this easy to cook, saving your time, energy and a lot of efforts!

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