Varicose Veins Treatments - Treating Varicose Veins

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Varicose Veins Treatments

One of the first methods we'll talk about is Sclerotherapy. In Sclerotherapy, a doctor injects a solution into your varicose veins designed to scar and close down the affected vein. After this treatment, you will notice that your varicose veins will fade in about two weeks. The advantage of Sclerotherapy is that it doesn't require any anesthesia.

The next type of treatment is laser surgery, which has gained popularity in recent years. During this surgery, doctors use lasers to send a strong burst of light into the veins. People prefer this type of surgery because the veins slowly fade out and disappear over time, and, most importantly, there are no needles involved. However, it can be costly.

Another effective varicose vein treatment is catheter-assisted procedures. Some people may find this treatment intimidating. In this procedure, doctors insert a tube into your veins. The tip of the tube is heated, and as it is withdrawn, the heat destroys the vein, causing it to collapse and seal shut permanently. This method is used for treating large varicose veins and is not typically done for small veins.

As you can see, there are many different methods to choose from when it comes to removing varicose veins. The right choice depends on you and your doctor's recommendations. Your doctor will likely ask for your preference, based on the size of the varicose veins you are treating. These treatments are effective and generally not very painful. The choice of which treatment is right for you is often based on your comfort, speed, affordability, and your doctor's guidance.

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