5 Bad habits that damage your kidney

Kidneys have a function and an important role in filtering out various kinds of harmful substances or poisons in our bodies. Several important minerals certainly aid the absorption process. Given kidney function is very vital, it is very important for us always to maintain kidney health, so that the other body health is not disturbed. Let's see what the bad habits that can interfere with kidney health are;

5 Bad habits that damage your kidney

1. Excess salt intake:

Without salt, the food we make will feel tasteless and not tasty to eat. So that salt becomes a kitchen spice that is mandatory for each of us to cook. However, when we put too much salt into the dish, it will make our dishes salty.

Salts have many benefits for health, such as:
  • help accelerate the body's metabolism -
  • relieve bronchitis and other respiratory problems, 
  • relax the body, prevent hyponatremia and many other benefits.
However, if you consume too much salt, either in packaged food, processed, or something else. Immediately stop the habit because the amount of sodium that is too high can interfere with and damage your kidney's health.

2. Take too much soda:

In terms of taste, soft drinks have a good taste effect when taken, but the long-term effects that will be caused will harm health. Soda can cause health problems, one of which is damage to the kidneys through disturbed urine. It would be better for us to drink more water than drinking soft drinks because water can help cleanse poisons in the kidneys naturally.

3. Alcohol

No different from drinks containing soda, consuming alcoholic beverages in the long term will potentially damage the kidneys. So, stop the habit of consuming alcoholic drinks if you want to get a healthy kidney. The effects of alcohol make the kidneys work hard to filter out toxins found in alcohol, so the kidneys will not function properly if it happens continuously.

4. Smoking:

Inside a cigarette contains thousands of toxic chemical substances harmful to health and damage various organs in the human body such as the heart, lungs, and even the kidneys.

5. Lack of exercise:

Be diligent in exercising regularly and regularly, so that a healthy and fit body will easily get you. The bad effect that you will get when you lack exercise is that it can interfere with the body's regeneration, destroying kidney organs.

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