Allergy, The Symptoms, Complications, Causes, What you And Doctor can do


Allergy is a condition where people become very susceptible to substances/compounds that do not cause interference. This situation usually tends to have hereditary factors. An allergic reaction usually occurs after several exposures to an allergen (ingredients/compounds that cause allergies). Some cases will recover after a few years. Other cases may last a lifetime.

Allergy, The Symptoms, Complications, Causes, What you And Doctor can do

a. The symptoms of allergy

Symptoms that arise from allergies depend on which parts of the body are attacked, for example:

  • Red eyes, swollen and runny.
  • Nose secretes a lot of mucus, sneezing
  • Stomach / Small Intestine more active movements (hyperperistaltic) which causes diarrhea and other digestive disorders.
  • Joint pain, redness, swelling
  • Red blotchy skin or arising accompanied by itching

b. Complications of allergy

Anaphylactic shock is a severe reaction that results in the circulatory system's failure, causing symptoms of shock and death.

c. Causes of allergy

The mechanism of maintaining the body overreacts and secretes histamine, a chemical that causes symptoms, reactions occur when the allergen is sucked, eaten, touched, or injected. Common types of allergens are dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, shrimp, squid, cosmetics, hair dye, copper-plated jewelry, and medicine.

d. What you can do

  • Mild allergies will heal themselves within 2-3 days after not being exposed to allergens again.
  • Apply antihistamine cream or cold calamine powder to itchy skin. But in some cases, this will aggravate skin irritation.
  • Can take an antihistamine in accordance with the dose, be careful because antihistamine causes drowsiness.
  • Do not drive a car or run heavy machinery while taking an antihistamine.
  • Check doctor if there are shortness of breath symptoms or if symptoms persist for more than three days.
  • Immediately go to the Emergency Department at the nearest hospital if there are symptoms of anaphylactic shock such as pale, cold sweat, moist skin, rapid breathing, rapid pulse, drowsiness or fainting.

e. Doctor's actions for you

  • Prescribe strong antihistamines and steroids (strong anti-inflammatory drugs)
  • Do a skin test to determine the ingredients that cause allergies. (this test takes a long time and is not always successful).
  • Give desensitization injections for several years for allergens found. (Some doctors think desensitization is less useful, while others argue that desensitization injection itself is not useful as well as it can still cause anaphylactic shock).

f. Prevention

  • Try to find and avoid allergens.
  • If you have an allergy to a drug, always wear a wristband with the drug's name causing the allergy and some medical information. This will prevent others from giving you the same medicine when you are unconscious or unconscious.
  • If you have another severe allergic reaction, tell other family members, your doctor (and obstetrician) / dentist at each consultation and pharmacist every time you buy medicine.

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