Venous Diseases And The Treatment Options

Beautiful and well-groomed legs can be absolutely disfigured by certain venous diseases. On the other hand, there are certain treatment methods with which you can quickly regain attractive legs, which will not let you down even during sporting activities. Spider veins are one type of disease. Then there are also the very unpopular varicose veins.

Spider veins remove rice

Spider veins are primarily a cosmetic problem on both legs, but they should definitely be remedied to prevent worse degeneration. It may also be that there is a larger vein problem behind the spider veins that a medical specialist can quickly diagnose. Treatment with a laser has proven its worth in the past. A puncture is also possible. The smallest veins are punctured and a sclerosing agent is injected. This is usually liquid and can be distributed very easily in the affected spider veins. Now the immune system becomes active, which now breaks down the spider veins. Instead, normal tissue is created.

Venous Diseases And The Treatment Options
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Say war on varicose veins

Another disease of the vein that can be bothersome during exercise is the so-called varicose veins. This is where the blood builds up and the veins bulge. Tumor-like changes in the veins form over the surface of the skin and look very unsightly. They are also a health hazard, as the blood is prevented from flowing in the long term. This is where the tried and tested method of foam sclerotherapy comes into play. An agent is injected directly into the affected veins, which obliterates the veins. So they wither and damming is no longer possible. When the foam sclerotherapy is finished, compression stockings must be worn. You can do sports to a limited extent and avoid direct exposure to the sun. The leg will quickly look smooth and attractive and healthy again. These are the treatment options for diseases of the veins.

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